Currently, silencers are legal for private ownership in the following 40 states: AL, AR, AK, AZ, CO, CT, FL, GA, ID, IN, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MI, MO, MS, MT, NE, NV, NH, NM, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WV, WI, and WY.

Sicario MK IV Silenced Pistol™

Sicario MK IV Silenced Pistol™
Sicario MK IV Silenced Pistol™
The Sicario is our most popular model because of the ease and diversity of use available.  With the suppressor being just 2 pieces that can be disassembled using the factory magazine it simplifies the cleaning process as well as increases your ability to field strip your firearm.  This can be installed on a variety of different pistols.  Customize your pistol with the options below.  If you are not sending your own firearm in to have this built on then you must add a pistol in the options tab below.
Suppressor Only:  
Construction Material (Required)
Firearm (Required)
Sic Adapter (1/2-28 TPI) (+$75.00)

Volquartzen Trigger pack (Black Trigger) (+$250.00)

Volquartsen Trigger Pack (Stainless Trigger) (+$260.00)

Hogue Grip (+$29.95)

Extended Bolt Release (+$35.00)

Night Sight - Rear yellow Tritium/ Front green Tritium - Installed (+$285.00)

Adjustable Porting (+$150.00)

Upper Picatinny Rail (Black) (+$40.00)


Our Sicario model not only out performs it's predecessors and competitors in suppression technologies but also has a quick and easy 2 piece disassembly design.   Reassembly is also much easier now that we have incorporated a 3 lug thread alignment feature to the threads where the monocore attaches to the barrel.  This feature eliminates the frustration of trying to align threads inside of the tubing.  Although the end cap is broached for an Allen wrench like the remainder of our designs the disassembly can be done without it because the machine work on the end cap fits the edge of the factory magazine for easy breakdown in the field. The monocore and core are constructed from your choice of either 6AL4V Titanium or 316 Stainless Steel.  Fluting is in now included on all silencers at no additional cost to you. 

This is the world's first multi-use integral suppressor. Please see pictures below! When used with a Sic adapter the suppressors are able to be mounted to any 22LR host with a 1/2-28 thread.

We can either build this on your current silenced MKI, II, III™, or 22/45™ or on a brand new MKIV depending on your preference. Please email us today.  

Price is for silencer ONLY installed on your pistol.  Add a SS MK IV™ for additional charge.


Should I choose Titanium or Stainless for my construction material?
Both will provide a lifetime of use and service however the Titanium version is lighter than the Stainless version by approximately 6oz.  The seam between the titanium tube and stainless receiver is slightly more noticeable because of the slight color difference between the two materials.

What is the SIC adapter? I dont understand what is does? Is this what makes the Sicario a multi use Silencer?
YES! Not only is the Sicario the worlds best Integral silencer, it is the only Multi platform host. The threadless tube design with the SIC adapter allows you to remove your Sicario from its host MKIV™ or 22/45 platform and make it a screw on .22 rimfire silencer that will fit any .22 host that is threaded 1/2 x 28tpi.

Why is the barrel ported?
  The barrel is ported so that the majority of bulk high velocity ammunition will be 1000 fps. Most bulk ammunition chronographs between 25 and 110 fps which make it challenging to offer one model that works great with everything. CCI ammunition is the most consistent based on our testing and it only varies 2-15 fps making it the ideal choice for the Sicario. The porting holes are very small which allow CCI standard velocity to still reliably function.

Can the porting be eliminated?
  Yes, In Services section on we offer a port blocking option so that the user can make the decision based on his or her needs and ammunition requirements, however it will increase the overall sound reduction by more than 5db which is far below hearing safe @ 119db 

Why is there 3 cuts on the end of the barrel?
   Before the Sicario, Integrals have always been a pain to disassemble and assemble. Mainly, during assembly, trying to get the barrel nut screwed on inside of the tube and on the barrel at the same time. The Patent Pending Sicario Monocore has the threads relieved on the inside of the monocore threads so that, much like the popular 3 lug mounting systems, you can drop the core in the tube directly over the relief portion on the barrel threads, find the sweet spot, and install it effortlessly. 

Do you recrown the barrel?
  We crown the barrel to an 11 degree target crown which enhances the accuracy from Ruger.

What threads are on the barrel and the monocore? 
  1/2 x 28 tpi 2A threads. All of our threads are checked with factory calibrated Go and NOGO gauges.

Do you shorten the factory barrel? 
   Yes, we shorten it 1", the factory barrel is 5.5" long and the Sicario barrel is 4.5". Due to the tension we put on this barrel with the Sicario, it makes an average shooting handgun more accurate.

Do you make the Sicario Shorter than 8"?
  NO! The Sicario is 22 years of experience poured into one perfect Integral Silencer. There were dozens of cores and barrel lengths as well as tube lengths tested during this upgrade and the 8" version with this barrel length, porting, crown and overall length are what sets it apart from the competition. Not only is it the only multi use integral, the quietest, easiest to use and best looking silencer on the market, it is far more affordable than the competition.

Can I buy just the upper receiver and Sicario silencer from TBA?
No, all of our Sicario silencers are built on factory Ruger MK IVs (TM? wtf) If you want to buy one from us you have to purchase the complete weapon from us our send us your upper receiver for the install.

OAL length NIB 9.625"

OAL Finished length 13.25" (only adds 3.625" to gun) The average screw on .22 silencer is 6" long and adds 4 to 6oz. to host. Making the overall length 15.625" and weight 50oz (4lbs 2 oz.)

MK IV™ weight before (NIB) 44oz 

Sicario MKIV™ TI tube and core  38.4, Stainless tube and core 44oz

Sicario 22/45 with plastic lower Cerakoted tube 34.1 oz

41DB sound reduction with unnoticeable FRP

Construction materials
Stainless Steel, Titanium

Sic adapter specs
Material: Stainless steel
length 3.2"
Makes suppressor OAL 8.2" when used as a screw on .22 silencer on any .22 rimfire host