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PHALANX .308 TI Tech Support


Your TBA Suppressor has been machined, assembled, welded and threaded to the correct specifications to guarantee a lifetime of use on the host weapon it was designed for. Before the finish was applied to your suppressor the threading is rechecked and the center lines of your baffles are align-bored to the center of the threads ensuring that alignment is perfect and that the suppressor manufacturing process is 100% complete.

Due to variations in threading and threading styles, if your gun came with a factory threaded barrel it is the userís responsibility to ensure that the suppressor fits correctly. A large majority of the factory threading jobs are designed to use a crush-sleeve or a crush-washer therefore the shoulder that the suppressor mates to is not concentric to the center line of the bore. Under no circumstances should you use a crush-sleeve or crush-washer when attaching the suppressor or QD flash hider.

When your suppressor or flash hider is installed for the first time, make sure that the rear of the suppressor attaches perfectly square to the shoulder on the barrel. If there is any gap between the two mating surfaces at any point around the circumference of the barrel it will need to be repaired by a qualified gunsmith or machinist before using the suppressor. Failure to do so will result in baffle strikes and will void the warranty on the suppressor. When the suppressor mates up to the shoulder of the barrel correctly we advise all end users to visually inspect the center line of the rifle bore in relation to the exit hole of the suppressor to ensure a correct alignment. This will only need to be done one time. TBA Suppressors provides this service free of charge. Minimal charges will apply if the threads or shoulder has to be repaired due to incorrect thread alignment.


We recommend factory loaded full metal jacket ammunition. Frangible, reloaded and subsonic ammunition can come apart, have jacket separation, and get stuck in the suppressor. Damage from such will not be covered under warranty. Most commercially available subsonic ammunition will not stabilize correctly in factory barrels with standard twist rates designed for supersonic ammunition. It is the users responsibility to choose the correct ammunition per the twist rate of your firearm.


  1. READ all warnings, disclaimers and warranty
  2. Remove the magazine and open the action.
  3. Remove the thread protector or flash hider and all washers.
  4. Screw the silencer on the weapon in a clockwise position until hand tight.