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CZ Model 452 Tech Support


Your integral silencer has been test fired with several types of ammunition when it is shipped from our shop to insure that there are not any alignment, or accuracy issues. These silencers are designed to provide a lifetime of use and the only maintenance required on the silencer is to clean the baffles and the rear expansion chamber around the barrel after each use. We recommend simple green as an appropriate cleaner to remove the residue and fouling created from use.


  1. Remove the end cap with a 1/4" Allen wrench.
  2. Remove the baffles with a 90 degree pick or a hook. Some models have a baffle that is machined to fit inside of the end cap. This last baffle has to be installed in the same place in order for the baffle stack and end cap to be installed correctly.
  3. Remove the barrel stabilizer with a 5/8 socket and an extension hooked to a standard ratchet.
  4. Pull the silencer straight off. It is not attached by any other means.
  5. Clean your barrel with a wire brush or ultrasonic cleaner.
  6. Assemble in the reverse order.

TBA Suppressors will not be responsible for baffle strikes as a result of incorrect threading, modifications, improper ammunition, mishandling or misuse caused by the suppressor coming loose. It is the userís responsibility to ensure that the suppressor stays tight on the host weapon. If you do not understand these instructions please contact us immediately for further clarification.


Your suppressor will have the best sound reduction quality when used with CCI Standard Velocity or Subsonic ammunition. Through our testing we have found that the CCI ammunition is the most consistent in velocity, accuracy, and functioning therefore this is what we recommend. Using 60 grain ammunition will not only cause baffle strikes but the projectile can get stuck in the suppressor and will not be covered under warranty.