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FEATHER 9MM Tech Support


Your integral silencer has been test fired with several types of ammunition when it is shipped from our shop to insure that there are not any alignment, or accuracy issues. These silencers are designed to provide a lifetime of use and the only maintenance required on the silencer is to clean the baffles and the rear expansion chamber around the barrel after each use. We recommend simple green as an appropriate cleaner to remove the residue and fouling created from use. Unless your rifle was registered as a short barreled rifle the rear expansion chamber is not accessible and will need to be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner.

Your integral suppressor has a ported barrel so that the performance will be below supersonic speeds and not produce a ballistic crack with high velocity ammunition. We tune our guns to cycle with hand loaded 115 grain supersonic 147 grain subsonic ammunition. Due to the variety and manufacturing differences of ammunition available some ammunition will perform better than others in terms of accuracy, reliability, cycling, feet per second and sound reduction quality. The hammer springs and recoil springs also have an affect on these qualities as well. The user may have to try several different brands to find the ideal combination to suit there needs. Should your preferences require a non-ported barrel or a specific ammunition please email us.


  1. Insert the provided 6 lug tool in the end cap and turn it counter clockwise.
  2. Remove the baffles with a 90 degree pick or hook.
  3. Remove the barrel stabilizer with a 3/4 socket to gain access to the outside of the barrel from the rear of the suppressor. Tubes do not come off on these models unless they are registered as a short barreled rifle.
  4. Clean with simple green.
  5. Assemble in the reverse order.

We recommend using an anti-seize type compound on your internal threads on the silencer and end cap.