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.357 Mag SD Silenced Rifle Tech Support


Your integral silencer has been test fired with handloaded 300 grain subsonic ammunition when it is shipped from our shop to insure that there are not any alignment, or accuracy issues. These silencers are designed to provide a lifetime of use and the only maintenance required on the silencer is to clean the baffles and the rear expansion chamber around the barrel after each use. We recommend simple green as an appropriate cleaner to remove the residue and fouling created from use.


  1. Insert the provided 6 pin tool into the 6 holes in the end cap (baffle stack)
  2. Turn it counterclockwise until the core is loose and pull it straight out
  3. To remove the tube you will need to loosen the stock screw 3 full turns and loosen the stock
  4. Turn the tube off by hand counterclockwise
  5. Clean the barrel, shroud and monocore baffle assembly with an appropriate cleaner such as Simple Green.
  6. Assemble in the reverse order applying antiseize lubricant onto the thread surfaces first
  7. See www.tbasuppressors.com for the color pictures of the new model, disassembly instructions and load data


  1. Remove the end cap with a takedown tool that was provided.
  2. Remove the baffles with a 90 degree pick or a hook.
  3. Remove the barrel stabilizer with a 13\16 socket and an extension on a standard ratchet.
  4. Pull the barrel stabilizer straight out of the tube.
  5. Clean the outside of barrel with a wire brush or ultrasonic cleaner. Unless it was ordered as a Short Barreled
  6. Rifle the tube is pinned and welded to the receiver. Clean your baffles with simple green.
  7. Assemble in the reverse order.

TBA Suppressors will not be responsible for baffle strikes as a result of incorrect threading, modifications, improper ammunition, mishandling or misuse. These weapons are not designed to silence full power factory loads. If you do not understand these instructions please contact us immediately for further clarification.


Your suppressor will have the best sound reduction quality when used hand loaded subsonic ammunition or 38 Special factory loads. Please contact us for hand loading specs.

.357 Subsonic Load data
Hornady 180gn projectile # 35771
1.59 OAL
11gn H110
CCI 550 primer
Speer 158gn #4215
1.515 OAL
11.5gn H110
CCI 550 primer