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SubMachine Gun Tech Support


Due to variations in threading and threading styles, if your gun came with a factory threaded barrel it is the userís responsibility to ensure that the suppressor fits correctly. Under no circumstances should you use a crush-sleeve or crush-washer when attaching the suppressor. Your suppressor was sent to your distributor with a 1/2 x 28 tpi Gemtech LID booster.

YOUR LID BOOSTER IS DESIGNED FOR SEMI-AUTOMATIC HANDGUNS. DO NOT USE THIS BOOSTER ON SUB-MACHINEGUN AND FIXED BARRELED WEAPONS. Doing so will void your warranty. Adapters are for sale for these applications on this site under accessories.


Your silencer is rated for +P ammunition however a supersonic crack will result. Your silencer will have the best sound reduction using 147 grain or larger subsonic ammunition.


  1. Insert the provided 6 lug tool in the end cap and turn it counter clockwise.
  2. Remove the baffles with a 90 degree pick or hook. Remove the L.I.D. from the rear of the suppressor by turning it counter clockwise. This will allow access to the rear baffle stack as well as the internals.
  3. Clean with simple green.
  4. Assemble in the reverse order.

We recommend using an anti-seize type compound on your internal threads on the silencer, LID booster and end cap.

TBA Suppressors will not be responsible for baffle strikes as a result of incorrect threading, modifications, improper ammunition, mishandling or misuse caused by the suppressor coming loose. It is the userís responsibility to ensure that the suppressor stays tight on the host weapon. If you do not understand these instructions please contact us immediately for further clarification.