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PEACEMAKER .22 LR Tech Support


The Peacemaker is a lightweight screw on suppressor for .22LR pistols and rifles. Our user friendly innovative disassembly feature does not require any special proprietary tools. This model comes apart with a Allen wrench for cleaning just like all of the .22LR suppressors in our line up. The rear end cap has a stainless steel insert so there is no concern of the thread fatigue.

Your rimfire suppressor should be cleaned after every use and is mandatory after 500 rounds. Failure to clean your suppressor after each use will result in baffles strikes and the baffles being difficult to remove.


  1. Insert a 1/4 Allen wrench in the end cap and turn it counter clockwise.
  2. Remove the 7 baffles and diffuser with a hook or a pick. If they are stuck you can turn the suppressor upside down and insert a wooden dowel through the rear cap and gently tap each individual baffle out. This should require minimal effort. If not please contact us immediately.
  3. Clean your baffles with simple green.
  4. Install in the reverse order. We recommend using an anti-seize type compound on your internal threads on the silencer and end cap.

Once your baffles have been removed, we recommend soaking them in simple green to loosen build up and copper fouling and cleaning is to be done by hand with a nylon or wire brush. We also recommend anti-seize compound on the threads of the suppressor tube and end cap before assembly.

Assemble the suppressor in the reverse order placing each baffle in the same position. We recommend using anti-seize compound on the end cap.