.44 Mag Testimonial

I finally got some N340 powder to play with. Today I loaded up some with 9 grs like you said you were using, with a similar 300 gr jacketed bullet (Hornady XTP). The tests came out great! Through the crony, I only had a 18 FPS max deviation in 10 rounds I fired. They averaged out at 1044 FPS. 18 FPS max deviation ... I don't think I've EVER had a set of loads shoot that tight velocity-wise. On the range from a lead-sledge rest at 50 yds, I shot a 5-shot group that measured .75" from center-to-center. They basically tore out the bullseye. Love it!

QAS Testimonial

Highlander Arms (Spofford, NH) received the shipment last Friday, as FedEx had indicated they would, of the Ruger Mark II Todd had integrally silenced for me, and I had the occasion that afternoon to toss a few sub-sonic rounds downrange. Many, many thanks. The craftsmanship of the barrel is seamlessly perfect, the new trigger is a joy, and the relative quiet exceeded my expectations.

Target Practice and Hunting

After suffering from significant hearing loss and refusing to give up my passion for shooting, I decided to research suppressors for target practice and hunting. I came across TBA Suppressors here in my home state of Virginia. I met with TBA, where Todd explained the process, how they work and debunked many of the common myths about suppressors. Since then, I have purchased 4 units from TBA, from the .22 rimfire model up to .308. I have been more than impressed with the quality, noise reduction and customer support from TBA. Happily recommending them to many of my friends and fellow hunters.

Avid Predator and Deer Hunter

As an avid predator and deer hunter, I look to today’s modern technology to gain any and all advantages. Adding a suppressor to my arsenal seemed like any easy step to make, which manufacturer, however, was much harder. I came across TBA Suppressors after much research, arranged for a test fire and fell in love. Now, I would never go back to shooting without my suppressor on my AR or bolt gun. With the level of noise reduction achieved from these units, getting a follow up shot for a clean harvest or the chance for a second animal is much easy and safer on my ears.

Handgun Customer

I just wanted to let you know I finally got my paperwork and picked up my Mark II today. Of course I immediately shot it on the range. I am very impressed. Thank you.

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