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10-22™ SILENCED BARREL ASY Tech Support


Your TBA Suppressors Integral Silencer has been designed for a flawless performance with all types of rimfire ammunition. Your maximum sound pressure results will be achieved with CCI standard velocity ammunition. We have determined that this is the most consistent in terms of speed and sound level and will provide the maximum sound reduction overall. We recommend using CCI standard velocity ammunition.


Although safe to use, the use of subsonic ammunition will generally not provide the best type of suppression with this type of silencer due to how slow the powder burns. In most cases it will create a loud “pop” out of the action due to the slow burn rate of the powder, it makes the bolt cycle slower and the back pressure from the silencer causes some pressure to escape towards the rear.


  • All TBA Suppressors Monocore-style Integral Silencers made after Jan 1, 2017
  • Ruger MK IV™ and 22/45 Sicario™ pistols
  • Browning Buckmark pistols
  • Ruger 1022™, 77/22™, American™, 1022 TD™ rifles
  • CZ Rifles
  1. Remove the mono core baffle stack with the 1/4” allen wrench that was provided or use the end of the magazine if you have a Ruger MK IV. Turn it counterclockwise to remove it.
  2. Pull the tube straight off and clean the baffle stack and silencer tube and lubricate the outside of the barrel with Rem oil or any other type of gun oil.
  3. Assemble in the reverse order by aligning the baffle stack on the fast attach index point on the barrel and thread it back on clockwise. Torque to 35#.