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QAS 77/22™ BOLT ACTION Tech Support


Your TBA Suppressors Integral silencer has been designed for flawless performance with all types of rimfire ammunition. Your maximum sound pressure results will be achieved with CCI standard velocity ammunition. We have determined that this is the most consistent in terms of speed and sound level and will provide the maximum sound reduction overall. We recommend using CCI standard velocity ammunition.


  1. Remove the end cap with a 1/4" Allen wrench.
  2. Remove the baffles and the spacer with a 90 degree pick or hook. Some models have the last baffle turned down to fit inside of the end cap and this baffle has to go back in the last position in order for the end cap to fit all of the way on.
  3. Remove the barrel stabilizer with a 5/8” 6 point socket. (Right hand threads) NOTE: Savage and 1022 with .900 diameter tubes use a 1/2” 6 point socket.
  4. Pull the tube straight off.
  5. Assemble in the reverse order.

TBA Suppressors will not be responsible for baffle strikes as a result of incorrect threading, modifications, improper ammunition, mishandling or misuse caused by the suppressor coming loose. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the suppressor stays tight on the host weapon. If you do not understand these instructions please contact us immediately for further clarification.


Although safe to use, the use of subsonic ammunition will generally not provide the best type of suppression with this type of silencer due to how slow the powder burns. In most cases it will create a loud “pop” out of the action because due to the slow burn rate of the powder, it makes the bolt cycle slower and the back pressure from the silencer causes some pressure to escape towards the rear.