Trooper 1022 16 Silencer Disassembly instructions

This model has a core that is pinned and welded on to the barrel. Unless your gun was ordered as an SBR ( Short barreled rifle ) the standard instructions will not apply

1.     Loosen the stock screw so that the receiver can be slightly lifted out of the stock

2.     Remove the end cap with the provided allen wrench

3.     Pull the tube straight off of the barrel assembly

4.     Assemble in the reverse order

Note: There is only .005 of clearance between the outside of the baffle assembly and the inside diameter of the tube, therefore cleaning this model after every use is extremely important. The inside of the tube in the expansion chamber area behind the baffle stack becomes fouled very quickly which will result in the tube not being able to be pulled forward over the core. Please clean the inside of the tube after every use.  TBA Suppressors will not warranty silencers do to neglect